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Popular Occasions For Getting Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done

There’s something special about having your hair and makeup done by a pro. It automatically elevates your look, while the process of sitting back as a trained stylist works their magic can make any woman feel like a queen. And there are so many special occasions that call for professional styling! From weddings to birthday parties or just a night out on the town, getting your hair and makeup taken care of can give you that extra boost.

Why Visit a Professional Makeup Artist?

A professional makeup artist is a trained individual who uses the best processes and cosmetic techniques to make you look your best. They are trained in techniques to help enhance a person’s appearance, highlighting features and colors, as well as smoothing and hiding any flaws.

From a variety of foundations to eyeshadows and lipsticks, a professional makeup artist can make a difference. Looking your best for a special occasion is important, and nothing will get you ready faster than having an expert at your disposal!

Professional Makeup Styling Primp and Blow offers professional makeup services featuring high-quality cosmetics for those special life events. Our makeup artists will create a look that inspires confidence so you’ll treasure photos and memories from your event, no matter what it is. And each service offers something different, so you can find the right method of application that works best for you. We offer full face makeup, airbrush full face makeup, false eyelashes, or just eyes and lips.

But aside from looking feeling pretty, a professional makeup artist provides a concierge experience. You’ll enjoy your time spent feeling like a celebrity, sitting at our makeup bar and exploring the world of foundations, blushes, bronzers, and more. Our artists will walk you through techniques and shades that work best for your skin tone and face shape—it’s primping at its finest!

Why Get Your Hair Done by a Professional Stylist?

From hair extensions to blowouts and special events, having your hair styled by a pro can make a difference when you want to look and feel your best. Even the most talented hair and makeup DIYers often struggle with pulling off the perfect blowout or sexy updo. Why is that? Because our hair is attached to the BACK of our heads! A professional stylist not only has the advantage of training and experience, but they also have a better angle to provide you with the best look.

Have a specific “celeb inspo” or style in mind? Bring it in! Whether it’s cute curls, beach waves, or sleek sexy hair, the stylists at Primp and Blow can make your current color and cut work for you. Our blowouts aren’t just the quick-dry you get at the end of a haircut, rather it’s a detailed experience that leaves you with a smooth and silky style that lasts for days!

Alternatively, you can have your hair styled by a professional into braids, buns, updos, or wedding down dos. Our talented hairstylists can achieve a variety of styles that’ll have you walking out feeling more fabulous than ever.

Looking to add length and volume for a truly luxe look? Our stylists can add permanent or clip-in hair extensions to give you the added locks you need to feel your best.

Popular Occasions to Have Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Styled

Now that you know the benefits of having your hair and makeup handled by a professional, you might wonder when it’s appropriate to do so. Well, here are just SOME of the fabulous occasions you can get your hair and makeup done!


Professional makeup for weddings is one the most popular events that typically requires these services, with the bride being the main focus. Additionally, bridal party members and family members often jump in on the fun.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are another popular occasion where professional makeup services are important. Group photos and pictures of the birthday girl or boy are important for keepsakes and special family scrapbooks. Having someone that knows how to apply makeup and style beautiful hair designs definitely helps.

Family Reunions

Family reunions are a great occasion to enlist the help of professional makeup services. For women wanting to get their hair done, there’s nothing better or easier than having a professional hair designer right before the big event. Because you know that family photo is going to end up in everyone’s homes!

Driver License/Passport Photos

Believe it or not, many people are concerned about how they look on their driver’s license or passport. Making a hair and makeup appointment before your appointment to renew your license or passport is a great way to ensure you look good on your ID.

Class Reunions

Class reunions, such as high school and college, typically occur every 10 years and are known for drawing a large crowd. And if you’re planning to attend one of your reunions, you probably want to look your very best for folks who haven’t seen you in years! You could try your hand at doing your own hair and makeup, but nothing compares to professional quality products and talent.

Galas or Other Upscale Events

Attending a swanky soiree or upscale gala or fundraiser? Why not dial it up a notch with professional hair and makeup? These types of events often have professional photographers, so why not look your very best? Depending on the event, you might even end up with your photo in a local newspaper or magazine. Make sure you look fantastic when you do!

Where to Find the Best Professional Hair and Makeup Services

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for professional hair and makeup services. But when you visit Primp and Blow, you can rely on our quality and highly trained stylists to make you look and feel great. We offer a wide variety of professional hair and makeup services to fit every need and budget. And we have plenty of convenient locations, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

To see how easy it is to look your best for any occasion, visit our website to view our lookbook and list of services. Then give us a call to schedule your appointment!