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Permanent and Clip In Extensions

Rocking a bob or pixie cut is fun, but there are times when your inner Rapunzel wants to break free. You dream of instant length and gorgeous volume. You want to get away from the limited choices of your current length for the night or for the duration. You don’t need to be boxed in to one look. You deserve a world of choices that meet your mood and the occasion. In moments like this, consider Primp and Blow your knight in shining armor.

At Primp and Blow, we work with the best extension choices and techniques to give you the look and style perfect for your face and mood. We can walk you through the different offerings of human hair extensions, Bellami Pro, micro-cylinder, Remy hair, and more. Our stylists work with a variety of lengths and colors for a fast change in style that’s unique to you. If we don’t have a specific color or length in-stock at your Primp and Blow location, we’ll have them delivered to the store within 24-48 hours. Concerns of damaging your hair or having visible extensions aren’t a factor here—our hair technicians go through both class and hands-on training before becoming Primp and Blow certified.

Stepping away from your shorter strands is easy! Browse through our collection of hair extensions to find the right one for you, or call to book a consultation.

Permanent Hair Extensions

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

DreamCatchers are a unique line of permanent, reusable, and non-damaging hair extensions that use micro-cylinder technology to provide clients that have fine, thinning and/or shorter hair with the volume and length they’ve always dreamt of. Each hair extension is made from 100% European Remy hair, meaning it flows beautifully and holds its luster after months of handling.

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions are available in 50 different shades, and in three various lengths. You can match your extensions to your current color, or use them as highlights. DreamCatchers guarantees their hair for 60 days, but with proper care, the hair can last up to two years!

Products may vary by location

Halo Hair Extensions

The Halo

This new, innovative product is made from 100% Indian Remy human hair, giving you a smooth texture and the incredible ability to style. Curl it, straighten it, or add some beach waves, whatever beautiful look you’re into. The award winning design eliminates the need for glue and clips that may damage your hair if not properly installed and taken out by a professional.

The Halo Hair Extensions are available in 35 different shades, and in five various lengths from 12 inch up to 24 inches. Walk-ins are welcome, so come in anytime we’re open for instant length! It’s time to take out that messy bun and let your hair down, because getting a natural, glamorous look just got a whole lot easier with The Halo.

Products may vary by location

Clip-in Hair Extensions


Hair Extension Removal

Eventually, you’ll have to remove your permanent hair extensions. In order to ensure a painless removal with minimal damage to your hair, call to schedule an appointment with a beauty bar staffed with professional hair technicians. Yes, meaning us! Whether or not you received hair extensions from Primp and Blow, we’ll remove them with the proper technique and with total care. This is extremely important as the removal process is what’s known to cause damage to natural hair when not removed correctly. Our stylists are skilled in the removal of various hair extensions, and we can even install a new set if you prefer—right then and there, no grace period needed.

Style and Apply ONLY

Looking for more “oomph” out of your hair extensions? Bring in your clip-in hair extensions and we’ll style and apply them for you. Curled, straight, or wavy, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your extensions with the proper application and styling techniques.

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