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What is a Blow Dry Bar?

A blow dry bar is similar to a salon, however there is a much greater focus on the actual washing, drying, and styling of hair. Usually there’s no cutting or dyeing involved, which leaves stylists free to concentrate on creating the exact style you want. You’ll look polished and feel supremely pampered by the time you walk out the door.

What’s that, you say? A salon without cutting and dyeing services? Yes, and that’s one of the key differences that makes a blow dry bar so appealing. Many women today want that “fresh-from-the-salon” look without disrupting the haircut or color they already have. Not to mention, blowouts can fulfill a need for a new hair style without committing to a dramatic change.

Back in the day when your grandmother (or even great-grandmother) was in her prime, she may have gone to the salon for a weekly “wash and set,” where her hair was washed and then set on rollers, followed by some time spent reading her favorite magazine with her head under a giant, noisy dryer. After a good combing, women would walk out feeling refreshed and ready for another week.

Today’s blow dry bar experiences are similar to this service. There’s no cutting involved—just styling—but unlike the experience your grandmother and great-grandmother had, there’s a lot more pampering going on in today’s blow dry bars!

Benefits of a Blow Dry Bar

Of course, times have changed. Nowadays, women try to round brush their own hair by watching a simple YouTube video, only to find out it’s much harder than it looks (and don’t forget about how tired your arms get!).

Now more than ever, women want more options when it comes to having their hair styled. They want the advantages of a fresh style without having to “break in” a new cut. And perhaps most importantly, they want a place to go to feel pampered, to recharge, and to destress for a little while—a sort of “man cave” experience, but for women.

If that sounds appealing to you, a blow dry bar could be right up your alley.

At Primp and Blow, a blow dry bar is more than a place you come to get your hair blown out. A blow dry bar is a fun and relaxing spot that’s perfect for:

  • Indulging in “me time”
  • Getting a blow dry and more
  • A day out with your friends
  • Weddings and special events

Indulging In “Me Time”

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a corporate executive, you need an occasional indulgence to keep your spirits up and to feel more confident in all the myriad duties and responsibilities you face every day. Too often we shuffle from one day to the next, putting work and family needs first, and setting our own needs aside. Over time, that’s a prescription for major burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Avoiding all that angst requires some “me time”—time carved out just for you, in a place designed specifically for relaxation and indulgence. A day at the spa would be great—but who has the time or the money? Blow dry bars provide you with a spa-like experience in about 45 minutes, so it’s easy to fit an appointment into your schedule. Plus, the cost of a pampering session at a blow dry bar is just a fraction of what a spa day would cost—about one fourth of the cost at Primp and Blow, depending on whether you add additional services to your appointment. Speaking of which…

Getting a Blow Dry and More!

Having that “fresh-from-the-salon” hair can do wonders for the way you look and feel about yourself. But sometimes you want a little more to enhance that polished look and to boost your confidence even more. At Primp and Blow, clients can kick it up a notch with other salon services, such as:

  • Makeup application
  • Eyelash application
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair care treatments

While a lot of services can be performed after you shampoo your hair at home, you might also opt for a shampoo on-site, using the most luxurious hair care products for healthy, beautiful hair without any fuss on your part.

Curls, braids, and up-dos are all offered, along with many more style options. For the ultimate indulgence—and a surprisingly relaxing and invigorating experience—opt for a 10 minute scalp massage. Not only does it melt stress away, but it also promotes healthy circulation to your scalp and your hair follicles, so nutrients and oxygen are delivered and toxins are whisked away. In fact, a 10 minute scalp massage can be the perfect complement to your blowout if one of your reasons for indulging is to help reduce stress and anxiety.

A Day Out With Friends

One of the great things about the blow dry bar experience is that it’s fun to do on your own, and it’s also fun to do with friends. After all, who doesn’t want to be pampered? A blow dry bar is the ideal spot for birthday parties, bridal showers, or teen and tween parties. These are the perfect times to relax and reconnect with girlfriends, not to mention it’s one of the few activities both mothers and teen daughters can get on board with, making it the perfect mother-daughter “date” at any age.

The best part of a group outing at Primp and Blow? Everyone can get the style they want, so everyone leaves feeling happy. Plus, it’s affordable! There are beverages for sipping, and there’s nothing to worry about, so sit back, relax, and chat—what’s not to love?

Primp and Blow is the perfect place for your tween daughter’s birthday party, with services developed just for young ladies between 6 and 12 years of age, an important time for girls just beginning to take a real interest in their appearance and self-maintenance. At a Primp and Blow party, they can enjoy all the benefits of pampering and gain a few “cool” points with their friends at the same time.

Weddings & Special Events

Every woman wants to look and feel her best. But when it comes to brides, that boost of self-confidence is an essential element of an enjoyable and memorable wedding day. There’s a reason a wedding is referred to as a “the big day,” or more specifically, the “bride’s big day.” During the wedding (and afterward at the reception), the focus is mostly on the bride, followed by the bridesmaids. And that means, to have a really perfect day, you want to look your best, so you can feel your best.

At Primp and Blow, we offer a complete selection of services specifically for brides and their wedding party members, including all sorts of styling options, eyelashes, and makeup services (yes, we do airbrush makeup too!). We even offer trial runs so you can try on your look before the actual wedding day. We also offer on-site services too, so you can avoid the panicked moments of trying to fit in a trip to the salon right before your ceremony.

Visit a Blow Dry Bar Today!

When it comes to blowouts, nobody does it like Primp and Blow. In fact, we strive to make every customer feel special with an affordable indulgence aimed at reducing stress and promoting self-esteem, self-confidence, and inner serenity to fight back against life’s stresses (and to look fabulous doing it!).

Come into any of our locations, call in advance, or book online to schedule an appointment for yourself, a girl’s day out or your special event. Go ahead, pamper yourself. In a life that’s typically busy and stressful, a trip to a blow dry bar such as Primp and Blow is one luxury you can’t afford not to indulge in!