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Hairstyles That Can Withstand Humidity

The excessive heat of the warmer weather months is on its way. If you live in areas, such as Texas, Nebraska, or Kansas, you know the high humidity that comes with spring and summer. What kind of havoc does that wreak on your hair? Most people experience some form of frizz and unruliness when moisture molecules in the air attack your hair shaft.

The result is fluffed-up hair that looks like a frizzy mess. When you want to be sleek and stylish all season long, our premier blow dry bar, Primp and Blow, is the best solution to your styling needs. Not only can you come in for a regular blow dry appointment, but you can explore everything our styles menu has to offer. Our selection of gorgeous updos will keep you looking and feeling cool in the hot summer sun.

The three categories you can choose from the Primp and Blow Styles Menu that are perfect for withstanding humidity and fighting frizz all season long include:

  • Updos
  • Ponytails
  • Braids

Updos get the hair off your neck

This style is best left in the hands of our skilled stylists. Updos can mean a variety of looks. The basic bun or top knot are styles that can easily withstand high humidity. You’ve seen many celebrities out on the town running their errands with an effortless top knot. But, it’s not as simple as it seems to make it look stylish and put together.

Our stylists use the right styling products throughout your hair to make it look as beautiful as possible. We use anti-humidity gel, which holds your hair in place, making your strands resistant to frizz. One of the best parts of the top knot style is that it keeps your hair off your neck in the hot weather, so you feel less sticky overall. When your hair is down, it has a tendency to pick up dampness on the back of your neck which can ruin a perfect blowout.

Another great updo to try is the classic chignon. This comes from a French word meaning “nape of the neck,” as the hair is off of the neck, completely up, forming a beautiful bun.

Women have worn this style since the dawn of time with its classic elegance. To give your hair volume at the crown, try using the right product that encourages height in addition to fighting frizz. Styling spray is the right way to finish off this look as an extra shield against reacting to the humidity in the air. You can go from the boardroom to the pool with a cherished chignon. Another modification to the chignon is to put it slightly off-center and to the side, as a more modern way to wear this amazing look.

Rock a high, polished ponytail

Another one of the styles to try at our blow dry bar is our polished pony. This is our signature ponytail look that is anything but ordinary. There’s nothing more fun for summer than high volume and curls. This look is sassy and chic, but the best part is, that it’s perfect for hot weather. With the right products in place, humidity doesn’t stand a chance of getting to your hair shaft.

When you wear a polished pony it not only gets your hair off your neck, but the placement of the ponytail will also work to keep you cool all day long. We create this style by tightly pulling the hair back, with the right product in place to fight frizz, and creating a slight poof at the crown for a modern look. This is not your average ponytail that you could do at home. Special and unique, you will be the envy of your friends with this terrific style and ensure that you look fabulous wherever you go. Rock the polished ponytail all season long for humidity-free hair that stays out of your way.

Braids for hot days

Another style on our menu is our chic braid. Braids can be a bit of an art form. Stylists can do wonders with braids, but they are also very functional because they last all day long. Sometimes braids stay in place even for a few carefree days. And with the right product applied, a braid can be a prize-fighter against frizz. At Primp and Blow, we have many different chic braid styles to explore.

One style we provide is done by creating a headband braid across the front of your hair. This will keep your hair pushed back and out of your face all day long.

There is also our classic french braid, starting from the front of your hairline and going all the way down the back of your head in one big braid. A lovely variation of a regular french braid is also the “fishtail.” This technique uses smaller pieces overlapping each other to create a delicate romantic braid. Then, we set the style with finishing spray to keep it in place. Your braids will usually last for a few days if you are careful with how you sleep. With any hairstyle, we recommend a satin or silk pillowcase to help keep your strands from getting too roughed up while you sleep. This goes a long way in maintaining frizz free hair for days.

Talk to your stylist at Primp and Blow about all the special braids they can do, so you can choose the right one for the relentless humid weather.

Extra style options

A few extra style options to think about during the humid months are accessories. Accessories that can help you stay cool and in style. For example, headbands are an elegant way to keep the hair off your face and pulled back. You can incorporate a headband into a variety of styles for an added touch of trendy elegance. A delicate beaded headband is a statement piece that will look fabulous with all your summer sundresses. Headbands don’t have to be a heavy fabric piece. Instead, you can find ones that are specially made to be lightweight for spring and summer.

Another option to explore is scarves. These fashionable pieces of fabric cover up hair to fight frizz while also keeping it off your face and neck. Lightweight scarves are available and won’t add weight to your hair or trap in heat.

The best part about Primp and Blow is that we are your ultimate tool against banishing bad hair days for good. Our locations, especially in Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska where humidity is unavoidable, are ready to give you the right style anytime during the warmer months to keep you looking effortlessly stylish all season long.