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7 Quick Fixes for a Bad Hair Day


For a lot of us the ponytail is our go-to fix for a bad hair day. They are great for covering up greasy roots, last night’s look, or for days when we are just too lazy to bother with anything else.  There isn’t anything wrong with the ponytail, but it is nice to have options. Here are some equally fast fixes that will infuse some style into your look…

1. Fight Humid Frizz

Pull your hair into a mid-pony and then gently tease the section close to the hair tie. Continue the light tease to the ends and then wrap the pony around its base and secure with bobby pins. The result? A sexy bun that makes messy, look classy.

2. Slick and Shine

Create shiny braids you can wrap up to cover up roots. Be creative by making a small braid on each side of your head and pinning them on top of, or underneath, your hair.

3. Lane Change

Struggling with new- growth roots and not quite ready for your next color? The easiest way to deal with a root cover-up is to use a deep, side part instead of your standard center part.

4. De-Grease Roots

If your roots are beginning to look a little limp or greasy after going a couple of days between shampoos try dusting a little baby or talcum powder on your roots and brush or sprinkle in one- to two-inch sections. Voila, homemade dry shampoo!

5. Limp Locks

If you’re not used to teasing your hair, and you don’t want to look like you are trying to sport a beehive try teasing a little at a time.  Also, look for a detangling brush, they can be found at major drugstores everywhere and will help keep your hair from damaging when you are ready to brush it out.

6. Refresh Slept-In Curls

Here is a fast and easy fix to avoid having to re-curl your hair after you’ve slept in it. Take thick sections and quickly wrap them around the barrel of your curling iron. Don’t worry about being precise, or getting every strand. Just a few evenly curled sections give the impression that your whole head is done.

7. Bangs Redux

Bangs are the first area of hair to go in-between washes. Instead of pinning them up, consider refreshing them fast by putting water and a little shampoo in a spray bottle, mix well, and spray on bangs to wet them before blow drying and styling.